The Game

A Maze and a ball. This game is AmazeBalls!

Navigate the maze by dragging the ball through the labyrinth. Earn coins by completing levels to buy upgrades and escape even larger mazes even quicker!

The game starts with small levels and the camera from top relatively close to the maze. By completing mazes, you earn coins which you can use to zoom the camera out. As the game progresses the maze sizes increases and the gameplay changes since you are able to observe a larger part of the maze.

There is also a 3D game mode where the camera follows the ball from the ground and you have to navigate the maze using your compass.

Download Now!

Like what you saw? Download the game for free on Android for the full experience.

Play The Demo!

In the browser demo, use your mouse or touch to drag the ball through the maze. You can also buy some upgrades in the shop to try them out. Please keep in mind that the game is not developed to play in the browser though. Download on an Android device to get the real experience!