You can download the plugin via or install it from wordpress directly by searching for “custom template creator eyeseet” in the Plugins menu of the WordPress Admin dashboard.


Custom Template Creator is a plugin allowing you to easily create or edit custom page templates without having to modify your theme and without the need of creating a child-theme.
You can clone the content from any existing template and edit it as you wish. Because this plugin allows you to edit the php of the template directly you have full access to how the page should look.
You can select per page which template you would like to use and easily switch between templates as you wish.


  • Easily Clone and edit your (theme) page templates without modifyin your theme.
  • Create page templates from scratch.
  • Php editor with autocompletion.
  • Select per page wich template to use.
  • No child theme required.
  • Free version has three template file pre-installed, manage unlimited amount of templates with the premium version (coming soon).
  • ? (Contact at to discuss possible future features)