Link In Bio WordPress Plugin

You can download the plugin via or install it from wordpress directly by searching for “link in bio eyeseet” in the Plugins menu of the WordPress Admin dashboard.

A live preview of the link in bio page is available


Link In Bio is a 100% free plugin that allows to create a customizable landing page (link bio page) on your wordpress site.

Instagram and some other social media only allow you only to have one link in your account. This is the reason many people create a link bio page and refer to links with the text “Link in Bio”. The link bio page allow you to add multiple links directing your visitors to the right pages.

There are third party websites such as linkree™ that allow you to host a link bio page. However, if you have a Wordpres site it is much better to create a link bio page on your own site. Link In Bio by EyeSeet allows you to easily create a link bio page on your WordPress blog. By doing so you improve your SEO performance and are able to get better insights from analysis tools such as Google Analytics.

And the best is…

Link In Bio by EyeSeeT is 100% Free meaning all features are fully available without any costs. Where other plugins and websites have a premium or pro version you can use Link In Bio free of any charge.


  • 100% free
  • Create customizable landing page
  • Add unlimited links
  • Select which page to use as your link bio page
  • Customizable Url, Logo and Brand name
  • Customize colors of buttons, texts and backgrounds
  • SEO Optimized
  • Mobile Friendly
  • ? (Contact at to discuss possible future features)


  1. To install from the Plugins repository:
    • In the WordPress Admin, go to “Plugins > Add New.”
    • Type “link in bio eyeseet” in the “Search” box and click “Search Plugins.”
    • Locate “Link In Bio by EyeSeeT” in the list and click “Install Now.”
  2. To install manually:
    • Download the Child Theme Configurator from
    • In the WordPress Admin, go to “Plugins > Add New.”
    • Click the “Upload” link at the top of the page.
    • Browse for the zip file, select and click “Install.”
  3. In the WordPress Admin, go to “Plugins > Installed Plugins.” Locate “Link In Bio by EyeSeeT” in the list and click “Activate.”
  4. Under “Pages” > “Add New” create a new page to serve as your link bio page.
  5. Under “Link In Bio” > “Settings” select the newly created page and press the “Update” button.
    • Optionally Change other settings in order to customize your link bio page.
  6. Use “Link In Bio” > “Add New” to create links in your link bio page.
  7. Use “Link In Bio” > “Link In Bio” to view and edit the links of your link bio page.